When in doubt, you will not be qualified to drop your request once you have gotten affirmation of the equivalent. Cancellation of request would be possible for Cash on Delivery request if the request isn't already processed from "Inayssa restaurant (". For online payments, there is no provision to cancel the order once it has been placed.

"Inayssa restaurant (" can drop requests/ cancel an order; in such case full refund will be done from the site to the payment method utilized while putting in the request for online payment. Nevertheless, in the improbable occasion of an item on your request being unavailable, we will contact you on the telephone number given to us at the hour of putting in the request and advise you regarding such inaccessibility. On such an occasion you will be qualified to drop the whole request and will be qualified for a discount as per our refund policy.

We reserve the sole right to cancel your order in the accompanying condition:

  • In the case of the assigned location, falls outside the conveyance zone offered by us.
  • Inability to get in touch with you by telephone or email at the hour of affirming the requested booking.
  • Inability to convey your request because of the absence of data, awaiting approval from you at the ordering hour.
  • Inaccessibility of the considerable number of things requested by you at the hour of booking the request; or


You will only be qualified for a refund just on the off chance that you prepay for your order, and your order packaging has been tampered or harmed at the hour of delivery.

Our choice on refunds will be at our sole discretion and will be conclusive and official.