Latest COVID Food Trends

Tides have shifted, and so are the food trends and patterns of this COVID. There has been a drastic shift to mock meat and meat alternatives due to the health conditions meat-based diets possess.

The world saw a paradigm shift to more sustainable animal welfare forms of agriculture. The public has become more conscious about the lifestyle and the food choices due to COVID. People are now curious as to what they eat and from where the ingredients and food come from. Here are a few food trends that will take over the food and beverage industry in India.

  1. Chef-driven delivery restaurants:

Pre-COVID, there was a lot of spotlight on providing customers with an exceptional dining experience. The situation has forced these providers to venture into the delivery business. Customers prefer businesses that have a consistent story and are transparent in their businesses.

Customers prefer a curated experience ranging from packaging and hygiene to customer-centric preparations. This has brought in a new wave of business processes in the food delivery sector.

  1. Vegan and Healthy Food Delivery Brands:

A seismic shift was observed in the majority of the population shifting to vegan and organic food. Since the corona effect, the trend has been seen as the lifestyle of many people. The population has become more conscious about what they eat and how it is cooked.

The early 2020s have seen many cafes spring up and shift their focus to healthy, farm-to-table, and vegan menus.

  1. Gourmet Street Food:

Indian street food is nothing short of true love. Lately, hygiene and sanitation have become a concern at these street food joints. Studies have shown that people prefer alternate options to satisfy their cravings.

The COVID situation will give rise to numerous gourmet street food brands that would provide great taste embedded with hygiene and sanitation.

  1. Mock Meat & Meat Alternatives:

With major shifts observed from animal-based diets to plant-based diets, we can witness the popularisation of meat alternatives and mock meat culture. This culture has already taken over the F&B industry abroad and is about to make a significant impact in India.

  • Homely Experiences:

Social Distancing is the way of life now and is expected to continue for a more extended period post-pandemic too. Restaurants will not be allowed to work or operate with more than 30% capacity, and these regulations would push restaurants to provide ‘At Home’ experiences.

Hospitality service providers will look forward to providing the patrons an option of ‘cooking at home’ and would cater up to 20 people. This option gives the users an indulgent gourmet experience indoors.

The trends keep changing and so does the customer’s expectations. We, at Inayssa, look forward to keeping abreast with the latest trends and give our customers a delightful and valuable experience.